Third Grade Home

Be The Light
For you were once darkness, now you are light in the Lord.  Live as children of light...
Eph. 5:8


CVC 3rd Grade '19-'20 


  • Classroom doors open at 7:55 am, if your child comes before that, please send them to Before School Care.  We can't have unsupervised kids around the school.
  • Be sure to check and sign your student's planner each evening or morning.  In 3rd Grade we are really stressing responsibility.
  • It is hot right now, so please send students with a water bottle.  Remember to put your child's name on it though.
  • If there are any changes to the pick-up routine, please call or email the office and teacher before 1:45 pm.
  • If your student will be absent or leaving for an appointment, be sure to email the OFFICE and the teacher.

Homework for Week of Sept.9-13
Math- Review and Graphs page (due Fri)
Spelling- No Spelling due to MAPS
    - Core Words: 
Memory Verse- Matthew 5:5-6
Reading- Read 15 minutes or more each day!

Please email us with any questions/concerns! 

The Third Grade Team

Important Dates

    2: Labor Day, No School
   9-20: MAPS Testing
   18: Late Start @ 10:30am
   20: Talk Like a Pirate Day in
      3rd grade (dress-up)
    27: Poetry Party 2-3pm 

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