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What's Happening?

August/September 2019

Reading and Writing

In Reading, we will be focusing on learning strategies that make us better readers  We will apply these to short stories dealing with friendship and other small articles.  We will be learning about Poetry for our first literary genre.  We will discuss different types of poems, read poetry, and write it too.  Then we will perform poems for you parents at our annual Poetry Party (more information coming).

In Writing, we will be starting off writing our own poetry.  Poetry will tap in to our creative writing and rhyming.


We will be starting to learn about prepositions.  We will memorize some of the most commonly used prepositions and how they are used in phrases.  Remember a Prepositional Phrase usually describes the position or direction of something, the time when something happens and the way in which something is done like "over the fence" or "to my mom".


We will start learning about the Trinity and the different parts of the Bible.  Then we will move on to learning about Abraham and his faith in God.  We will discuss how God makes him the Father of many nations.


 On Monday or Tuesday, the students will bring home 6 Core Words that will be on the test on Friday.  Be sure to go over the Core Words especially if they missed it.  Throughout the week we will talk about a spelling rule or concept and practice it (in class and/or at home with a Spelling Task).  Fridays will be the test.  The test is in the form of a paragraph and students will need to fill in the missing spelling words.  Words will come up over and over throughout the year, so be sure to study missed spelling words.

In Aug/Sept., we will be covering Units 1-5.


We start off with Unit 1.  This unit is on addition and subtraction strategies.  We will also be talking about rounding and estimating to the nearest 10 and 100.  Then we move on to Unit 2 which will involve organizing data in graphs.
    Look for one math page a week as homework to come home early in the week and due by Friday that week.  It is always a good idea to practice basic math facts!  Your student will need to start memorizing +1-10s and -1-10s in third grade.

Listed below are some good websites for math to check out. 
Math Websites: (The Multiplication games)

Listed below are some good, free apps to practice math facts:
    Marble Math: Multiplication
    My Math Flash Cards App
    Monster Math. Kids Fun Games
    Multiplication Flash Cards Games         Fun Math Practice

Science and Social Studies

 We are starting off with Social Studies this first quarter.  We will first learn about reading a map and using directions.  Then we will learn about land forms and our California Regions.  We will move on to natural resources and how communities grow around a certain resource.  This will lead into a field trip to a local cotton gin and fields.